Thursday, September 10, 2009

LITDDITL Live in the Darkness, Die in the Light

Sovetskaya Gone: "Live in the Darkness, Die in the Light" is sold out at source from Digitalis Limited. It was released in a Regular Edition of 60 in a double cassette vinyl case, as well an Art Edition of 30 double cassettes in recycled 16mm Film Containers.

You can still pick it up from myself or from the fine distributors listed below.


DNT records
Aquarius Records
Eclipse Records
BOA Melody Bar
Discriminate Music

Email me for copies available.
I have 2 art editions still available.
sovetskayagavan [at] yahoo dot com

Ossining s/t cassette [Digitalis Ltd]
& Reg edition "Die in the Light, Live in the Darkness" 2xCS still available.

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