Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ossining - Agitate the Gravel 3" cdr

Excited to have this see the light of day on the excellent
Hooker Vision imprint:

Ossining - Agitate the Gravel 3" cdr (HIV057)

Kevin Danchisko (Sovetskaya Gone) and Brad Rose (The North Sea) create tone chasms of separation that spill through walls of blurred vision. Isolated outflow: pure, undefined. Minerals reach the surface as crystallization marked phantom keys. The sprawl of haunted delay. The material of dream photography. The gravel underfoot is bleak from continuous frost. Synthetic weeds struggle to clamber through the cracks like dusty light melodies escaping through slits of shiftless cabin windows in glorious fall.

Agitate the Gravel (excerpt) by Hooker Vision

$4 - Edition of 25.

Very Scarce Limited Copies are available direct from Hooker Vision - get in touch with Grant direct.
I should have very, very limited copies available direct shortly.

Make sure to check out the other awesome 3" cdrs in the new HV batch by Motion Sickness of Time Travel, Nova Scotian Arms, & Quiet Evenings.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Twenty-Seventh Module: Sovetskaya Gone - Smiling Skies on the Backs of Airplanes C24

Pleased to announce the Cylindrical Habitat Module release of Twenty-Seventh Module: Sovetskaya Gone - Smiling Skies on the Backs of Airplanes C24


Sovetskaya Gone
"Smiling Skies on the Backs of Airplanes" C24

Happy to be releasing this tape for LA's Kevin Danchisko, definitely one of the nicest, most solid dudes I've done business with so far. A perfect summer grip; three tracks of melodic synth composition reflecting various moods. Side A holds a dejected, proggy loner jam that sounds like it should be performed by a full orchestra, and a brief outburst of blown-out drones and weird minimal pulses. Side B's sole track follows a notably Froese-ian arpeggio in a serene come-down that definitely sounds in line with some of the current Cleveland sounds. The whole recording has a specific, straightforward vibe that is interlaced by tastefully out-of-key segments that are extremely characteristic and endearing in a head-scratching way. 80 copies on labeled trans orange tapes with full color artwork.

Artist copies available soon.
Contact CHM for availability.