Saturday, August 1, 2009

Digitalis Ltd 081 ::: Live in the Darkness, Die in the Light ++ Ossining c25 collabo

ltd#81: sovetskaya gone "live in the darkness, die in the light" c20+c34

(art edition + regular edition) ART EDITION: $16 US / $18 CAN / $20 INTL.
REG EDITION: $12 US / $14 CAN / $16 INTL + Shipping

Two(2) Art Editions still available, SOLD OUT
Five(5) Regular Editions available

i will tell you, kevin danchisko has fried my synapses on so many occasions this year, i've completely lost count. it's no secret that sovetskaya gone has quickly emerged as one of my absolute faves and as a digitalis anchor. so all that being said, "live in the darkness, die in the light" has been in the works for almost six months now, but the wait will prove worth it. nearly an hour of new synth explorations for moog & ms2000. exquisite packaging designed by danchisko. this is the stuff you want to hear when you dream. just a pure liquid beauty. art edition of 30 in repurposed film cannisters / regular edition of 60 in black vinyl album. pro-dubbed.

tape a - "light" c20
side one
1. paradise lost
side two
1. tennessee williams
2. greystone morsecode [SAMPLE HERE]

tape b - "darkness" c34
side one
1. buried in intention (nitrocellulose)
side two
1. emulsion halo [SAMPLE HERE]
2. silver halide late night tea


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OSSINING ::: ::: :: : .. . a new collaboration project ; ; : : . . .

ltd#97: ossining s/t c25 $7 US/$8 CAN/$9 INTL + shipping

Four(4) Copies Available

ossining was always in the cards. this is the collaboration between yours truly (the north sea) and kevin danchisko (sovetskaya gone). synth excess, volume 1. pro-one vs. juno. journey through black sand beaches and white heaven. etc etc. mad men. all the fucking way. edition of 70, pro-dubbed crystal blue.

All tracks Untitled
[Sample Here]

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