Sunday, December 14, 2008


Sovetskaya Gone - Digitalis Limited #46
ltd#46: sovetskaya gone s/t c60
look out los angeles, there's a new boss in town. sovetskaya gone traces its russian roots back through the dark ages and into oblivion. the brainchild of tonal mad man kevin danchisko, this epic analog shot is a call out to the masses: lay down or bring it. using various concoctions of analog synth and a pedal array, danchisko crafts something with a sharp edge that still finds its feet stuck in the mud of underlying, cryptic melodies. it's a beautiful, treacherous thing.

ovetskaya gone is indeed gone. zoned out and droned out into the carbon cracks of the salt-encrusted california streets. these jams are sunbaked and caked in bliss, searching the telescopic night for the last remnants of skylab. danchisko's music is steeped in modern exploration with a nod to '70s academia and a harsh dose of whiskey-addled psychedelia, and somewhere in that mess you'll find yourself totally fucking gone too. limited to 60 copies, watercolored covers.

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